Jared Meeker – Sitting In: Rock Guitar

Jul 03 2020

Jared Meeker – Sitting In: Rock Guitar

Jared Meeker Sitting In Rock Guitar PDF. Sit in with the band and bring your playing to life! Soloing is an important part of your playing, but practicing on your own doesn’t always get the creative juices flowing because there is nothing quite like the experience of sitting in with a full band. Since jamming with other musicians is not always possible, Sitting In: Rock Guitar brings the band to you! Practice comping patterns and soloing with the same energy you get with a real, live band. Expert guitarist Jared Meeker leads you through all the tips and techniques you need to give life to your practice sessions, inspiring you to add new sounds to your growing rock vocabulary. The DVD-ROM includes MP3 audio for every song mixed with and without solo guitar. The included TNT 2 software is a perfect practice tool since it lets you customize audio tracks for practice. Use it to slow down tracks, isolate and loop parts, and change tempos and keys.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 82 pages


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    Only one word for this course: Impressive!!! Thank you.

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