Jamey Aebersold – Jazz Play-A-Long Volume 12 – 15

Dec 18 2020

Jamey Aebersold – Jazz Play-A-Long Volume 12 – 15

Jamey Aebersold Jazz Play-A-Long Volume 12, 13, 14, 15 PDF download. Possession of this collection will enable any musician, independently of level and experience in jazz improvisation mastery, learn the basic styles and genres of jazz, and eventually become a true expert in this. Information for reference (for those who do not know): Jamey Aebersold Jazz Play-A-Long – the world’s best collections of exercises for jazz musicians.

Volume 12: Duke Ellington. Intermediate. Some of the most famous jazz standards in the world from rich, lush ballads to crisp and light swing tunes that every jobbing musician should know. An inspiring way to practice. A great gift for any musician wanting to learn standards, or who plays just for fun! Duke Ellington has probably single-handedly influenced more music and musicians than any other jazz legend.

Jamey Aebersold - Jazz Play-A-Long: Volume 13Volume 13: Cannonball Adderley. Intermediate. All three rhythm section members have played with the Cannonball Adderley quartet, so you are getting it from the authentic source! Catchy melodies, bluesy riffs, and hip changes are the hallmark of this set. Find out what “groovin” is really all about!


Jamey Aebersold - Jazz Play-A-Long: Volume 14Volume 14: Benny Golson. Intermediate/Advanced. This set can help raise your playing to a higher level of proficiency. Benny is one of the most popular jazz composers. This set was produced by Benny Golson, himself, in a New York studio with his own hand-picked musicians, so you know the feel and general approach is 100% authentic. Benny even counts off the tunes! There’s no better way to learn these important jazz standards, inside and out!

Jamey Aebersold - Jazz Play-A-Long: Volume 15Volume 15: Payin’ Dues. Intermediate/Advanced. Don’t overlook this one! Work on these tunes and you will be on your way to learning much of the standard jazz repertoire harmonies and root movements. Chord progressions based on Stella by Starlight, Body and Soul, Cherokee, I’ll Remember April, There Will Never Be Another You, What Is This Thing Called Love, It’s You Or No One, and The Song Is You with original melodies written by Jamey Aebersold.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

*In some cases CD is embedded in the PDF. Recommended software – Adobe Reader. Click the symbol “Clip” in the Adobe Reader to view attached Mp3 files.

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    Gostei muito da iniciativa de compartilhar esse material didatico que auxilia a tantos musicos que querem praticar sua habilidades

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    very helpful for students to learn improvisation and jazz music

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    Nid more stuff for pianist

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