Jamey Aebersold – Jazz Ear Training

Sep 27 2021

Jamey Aebersold – Jazz Ear Training

Jamey Aebersold Jazz Ear Training PDF. A no-nonsense approach consisting of two hours of recorded ear training exercises with aural instructions before each. Beginning to advanced. Starts very simply, with intervals gradually increases in difficulty until you are hearing chord changes and progressions. All answers are listed in book. Book contains transposed parts for C, Bb and Eb instruments to allow playing along.
This book and its accompanying CDs are an absolute “must have” for the aspiring jazz player – one of the core Aebersold books you’ve simply gotta have. Basically, it’s a series of quizzes you give yourself after listening to J.A.’s excellent explanations and examples.
J.A. starts with a basic chromatic scale, moves on to major and minor triads, upper chord extensions, base lines and the like. This can be done on any instrument, but a small electric keyboard is a big help. Moreover, Aebersold advises singing the phrases after listening to them in order to further “ingrain” what you’re hearing.
The paltry amount of money you spend on this book will repay itself many times over if you work with it. Don’t hesitate to purchase it. The method is easy to follow and very effective.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 24 pages

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  1. antonio_diana /

    Fantastic!! THANKS!!

  2. rafaelfrsilva1234 /

    How download?

  3. CclLinDt /

    thank you

  4. Gardy /

    You can download PDF book + 2 CDs here.

  5. Filly /

    I have purchased the book with 2 cds but have lost cd #1. How can I replace it. This is a great resource for aspiring vocals.
    Thank you.

  6. Craig /

    Nice jazz resource.

  7. Lucho Aguilar /

    I think Jamey Aebersold’s ear training method is great. That’s the reason why I wanna download it. Thanks!

  8. jamie stephens /

    best ear training for jazz

  9. genomas /

    Mis oídos se lo agradecerán.

  10. vernon /

    This is a good tool to devoloped the ears

  11. Joseph /

    This is great info for developing jazz skills…

    Thanks a lot.

  12. mentz /

    Thanks for sharing!

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