Jam With Van Halen (Tab Book)

Mar 14 2023

Jam With Van Halen (Tab Book)

Jam with Van Halen PDF. Guitar/Vocal Book & CD PDF. These guitar workshops are powerful learning tools that will help extend your stockpile of licks and fills and help develop your improvisational skills. Features play-along songs in standard notation and tab, and on the CD with and without guitar parts. This book is great. The CD w/back ups just makes it that much easier to learn the songs and the timing.
Very accurate transcriptions of the Van Halen’s songs in this book. So are the backing tracks and the guitar tracks. Difficulty: medium to medium-difficult. Guitar tablature, standard notation, vocal melody, lyrics, chord names, guitar notation legend and performance notes. The quality backing tracks on the CD make you really feel that Mike and Alex are there with you as you practice. The transcriptions themselves are note for note and contain… every screaming harmonic and every feeling Whammy bar dive. The writers take you into the world of Eddie.

Songs include:

  • Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
  • Runnin’ with the Devil
  • You Really Got Me
  • Somebody Get Me a Doctor
  • Jump
  • Panama
  • Why Can’t This Be Love
  • Right Now


Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 55 pages

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  1. fish22 /

    Thank you. Nice UL, but the tab for Runnin’ with the Devil is missing.

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