Jam with Stevie Ray Vaughan

Nov 13 2018

Jam with Stevie Ray Vaughan

Jam with Stevie Ray Vaughan DVD download. This excellent DVD will show you how to nail Stevie Ray Vaughan jaw dropping blues Guitar technique. Learn each song and play along with Guitar jam tracks. Includes note for note Guitar lessons and guitar jam tracks. For young guitarists, this DVD can save the player countless (possibly frustrating) hours trying to figure out how to play his licks armed with just a magazine. If you’re a fan of the blues and inparticular this gifted guitarist, I would not hesitate to recommend this DVD. Camera angles and sound are excellent as well as explanations.

Songs include:

  • Scuttle Buttin’
  • Pride And Joy
  • Couldn’t Stand The Weather
  • Cold Shot
  • Riviera Paradise
  • Mary Had A Little Lamb
  • Crossfire


Language: English
Year: 2009
Running time: 05:56:24
Quality: DVDRip
Video: XviD, 640×352 (20:11), 25 fps, 638 kbps
Audio: MP3, 48 kHz, 1 ch, 80.00 kbps
Booklet: No
Size: 2.2 Gb

Jam with Stevie Ray Vaughan preview

Jam with Stevie Ray Vaughan preview


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