Jam With Radiohead Volume 1 (Tab Book)

Apr 06 2020

Jam With Radiohead Volume 1 (Tab Book)

Jam With Radiohead Volume 1 PDF + mp3. One of the world’s biggest bands, Radiohead have taken rock music to new heights of stylistic diversity and breathtaking ambition with such classic albums as The Bends and OK Computer. The Oxford quintet have topped both critics’ and readers’ polls alike, including Q magazine’s Greatest Album Ever with OK Computer.
This guitar workshop is a powerful learning tool that will help you extend your stockpile of licks and fills and develop your improvisational skills. The combination of musical notation and guitar tablature in this book together with backing tracks on the CD gives you the opportunity to learn eight of Radiohead’s tracks note for note and then jam with a professional session band. The track listing reflects some of Radiohead’s most popular recordings, providing something for guitarists to have fun with and improvise with, as well as something to aspire to.
The CD is split into two sections; section 1 (tracks 1-8) is the backing tracks minus lead guitar & vocals, while section 2 (tracks 9-16) is the backing tracks with all guitar parts added, so in addition to the written tab you can hear the rhythm, fills and solos as they should be played The “Jam With” series allows you to accurately recreate the original songs, or to use the transcriptions in this book in conjunction with the backing tracks as a basis for your own improvisation.

Songs include:

  • Creep
  • My Iron Lung
  • Fake Plastic Trees
  • Street Spirit (Fade out)
  • The Bends
  • Karma Police
  • Let Down
  • Electioneering


Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 90 pages

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