Jam with Carlos Santana (Tab Book)

Jul 12 2020

Jam with Carlos Santana (Tab Book)

Jam with Carlos Santana PDF. Carlos Santana’s instantly recognizable guitar style brought the rhythms of Afro-Cuban music to generations of people who might otherwise never have heard them. His soulful playing has inspired guitarists the world over for the last three decades, and continues to do so today. The combination of musical notation and guitar tabulature in this book together with backing tracks on the CD gives you the opportunity to learn eight of Carlos’ tracks note-for-note and them jam with a professional session band.
The track listing reflects some of Santana’s most popular recordings, providing something for guitarists to have fun with and improvise with, as well as something to aspire to.
If you like Santana music and have decent guitar skills, you will appreciate this book. First of all, a recommendation that applies to all the books with sheet music and tablature: the reader/player should be able to read AT LEAST the rhythmic info on the paper in order to take more advantage of the product. That is, one should understand when it is a quarter or eighth or sixteenth note, if it is on the down or up beat, when it is staccato or not. You can use the tablature for getting the “note”, but try to be disciplined on the rhythmic front. And play slowly,with a metronome, before jumping to the performance tempo of the jam tracks.
Almost anyone will benefit from this book at multiple levels: the book might serve as a beautiful introduction to the syncopated cha cha rhythm by playing “Oye como va”. It also offers busy rhythm comping with “Evil Ways” and “Persuasion”. And for the soloists, of course a guitar student will be able to appreciate the soulful, bluesy phrasing of Santana (“Black Magic Woman”, “Europa”)and hopefully become able to add some of Santana’s magic to his or her own style. Finally, kudos for the authors for having included “The Healer”, an overlooked gem of Santana (the intro is as good an exercise in playing both with a pick and the fingers as any other).
This is a great way to learn those Santana licks and to attempt to play as he plays. The backing tracks on the CD are very well made, using good musicians who all obviously have done their homework listening to the original Santana recordings.

Songs include:

  • Black Magic Woman
  • Samba Pa Ti
  • She’s Not There
  • The Healer
  • Oye Como Va
  • Europa
  • Evil Ways
  • Persuasion

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 56 pages

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