Jake Shimabukuro – Nashville Sessions (TAB Book)

Sep 08 2020

Jake Shimabukuro – Nashville Sessions (TAB Book)

Jake Shimabukuro Nashville Sessions PDF. Ukulele Transcriptions. Nashville Sessions is Shimabukuro’s first album of all original songs, created in a Nashville recording studio with two top session players, bassist Nolan Verner and drummer Evan Hutchings. Freewheeling studio jams evolved into beautifully realized compositions, such as “Ballad” and “Galloping Seahorses.” The tunes showcase some of Jake’s most lyrical and melodic playing to date, along with his trademark blend of passion and playfulness. The result is one of the boldest and most unique ukulele records ever made a new benchmark for the uke! Our matching folio includes note-for-note transcriptions of all 11 tracks in standard notation and tablature

Songs include:

  • Hemiola Blues
  • 6 / 8
  • Man of Mud
  • Galloping Seahorses
  • Motown
  • Celtic Tune
  • Tritone
  • Blue Haiku
  • Ballad
  • F Minor
  • Kilauea


Format: PDF, 66 pages


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