Iron Maiden Bass Anthology

Jun 06 2020

Iron Maiden Bass Anthology

Iron Maiden Bass Anthology PDF, EPUB, FB2. Bass Recorded Versions. This book of note-for-note Steve Harris bass transcriptions is a must-have for any rock bassist. The book contains a sampler of some of the most memorable bass playing moments from a man who always has a talent for impressive and inventive bass playing. The bass lines are accurate and as a by-product also provide a good glimpe into the way his playing ties to his songwriting structures (as well as into the songs written by or co-written with others).
A very educational book that helps understand what a bass can do within the structure of a song as well as a technical showcase of speed, precision and melodicism.
A must buy for any bassist – being an Iron Maiden fan isn’t necessary to appreciate the playing but it does make the experience more enjoyable! This book serves as a testament to Steve Harris. It is a showcase as to why he is one of Rock’s most talented bassists/songwriters of any genre from any time. A must-have.
It’s a great compilation of music, very simple to follow and well explained. A necessary piece for any and all iron Maiden fans.

Songs include:

  • Aces High
  • Can I Play With Madness
  • Evil That Men Do
  • Killers
  • No Prayer For The Dying
  • The Number Of The Beast
  • Run To The Hills
  • Running Free
  • The Trooper
  • Wrathchild
  • Blood Brothers
  • No More Lies
  • Wicker Man
  • Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
  • For The Greater Good Of God
  • The Clansman
  • The Phantom Of The Opera
  • Fear Of The Dark
  • Innocent Exile
  • Iron Maiden


Format: PDF, 221 pages


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