In Session with Dave Weckl Band

Mar 19 2022

In Session with Dave Weckl Band

In Session with Dave Weckl Band PDF. Here is a chance for you to “sit-in” with the Dave Weckl band playing charts derived from the Weckl album Rhythm to the Soul. Each book contains a special play-along CD of the original pieces, but with the instrument in question omitted. That way the player gets to play with the band and experience the delight of music making with professionals. The book itself includes a complete chart of the player’s part, detailed explanations of how to perform the music, term definitions, concepts, musical examples and copious performance tips. With this book/CD, aspiring players get the chance to play with Dave Weckl, Jay Oliver, Tom Kennedy, Buzz Feiten, Frank Gambale, Bob Malach and Steve Tavaglione, and learn a wealth of techniques for expanding their musicality and playing finesse.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 50 pages


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  1. Gardy /

    Why do you think that there should be not only drum book? You may see in the cover that it’s a DRUM book!

  2. Fatih /

    It works but there is no each booklet inside such a keyboard book or bass guiter book! Just a drum book is there! To have all booklets would be wondeful actually!

  3. Fatih /

    There no each book inside; just a drum book, no keyboard book, no sax book, no bass book!

  4. horst /

    If you can’t download it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. Everything is working, link online.

  5. Alberto111 /

    it doesn’t work. I can’t download it

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