Happy Traum – American Stranger (Tab Book)

May 23 2017

Happy Traum – American Stranger (Tab Book)

Learn to play 9 greatest Happy Traum’s songs. Happy Traum, performer and music instructor is an American treasure. He is part of the landscape that goes back hundreds of years, from old Scottish and Irish tunes that were passed on through the south, and took on various forms and cultures of their own, to the old blues artists, and eventually folk and country blues, and now have been brought through the 60’s and onwards where Happy Traum has faithfully kept alive beautiful Americana music, even while making his own contributions along the way.
A terrific instructor, he is now known more of late for his instructional DVDs, but as a performer, he is energetic, fun, and highly skilled in fingerstyle. Here he plays some old favorites, including his version of Dylan’s Bucket of Rain.
This CD is of 5 star performances of favorites. Check out his versions of “Monday Morning Blues” and “I Am A Pilgrim” for perfect picking and balanced vocals. This is something for both students and fans to enjoy.

Songs include:

  • The American Stranger
  • The Eighth of January
  • I Am a Pilgrim
  • Doney Gal
  • Golden Bird
  • Sheebeg and Sheemore
  • Dark Road Blues
  • Delia’s Gone
  • I’ll Fly Away


Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 10 pages


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