Guitar World Acoustic #39 (2000)

Apr 14 2023

Guitar World Acoustic #39 (2000)

Guitar World Acoustic #39 2000 PDF download. Guitar World Acoustic brings the best in acoustic guitar music six times each year. You get in-depth interviews with the latest chart makers, lessons on the playing of legendary acoustic performers like Paul Simon, Neil Young and Willie Nelson, gear reviews and much more. Plus, each issue includes complete transcriptions of new and classic songs. Here you’re getting a vintage magazine back issue with great guitar transcriptions, really interesting articles and useful information, along with some of the coolest full page color ads.
Guitar World Acoustic #39 (2000) contents:

Acoustic guitar transcriptions:

  • Barenaked Ladies – Pinch Me
  • Pearl Jam – Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
  • BBMAK – Back Here
  • Peter Frampton – Show Me The Way
  • Green Day – Warning
  • Gordon Lightfoot – Sundown
  • Roy Orbison – Crying

Text Format PDF, 32 pages

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