Guitar Play-Along Volume 1 – Rock

Feb 10 2016

Guitar Play-Along Volume 1 – Rock

The Guitar Play-Along series will help you play your favourite Rock songs quickly and easily! Just follow the tab, listen to the CD to hear how the guitar should sound and then play-along with accompaniment from the separate backing tracks. With eight blistering examples of the rock genre this is ideal for beginners or any guitarist who wants to expand their repertoire. The melody and lyrics are included in the book so you can sing along too or simply use them to help you follow. For both Mac and PC users, this fantastic enhanced CD allows you to adjust the recording to any tempo without changing pitch.

Songs include:

  • Day Tripper (The Beatles)
  • Message In A Bottle (The Police)
  • Refugee (Tom Petty)
  • Shattered (The Rolling Stones)
  • Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream)
  • Takin’ Care Of Business (Bachman Turner Overdrive)
  • Tush (ZZ Top)
  • Walk This Way (Aerosmith)

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

*In some cases CD is embedded in the PDF. Recommended software – Adobe Reader. Click the symbol “Clip” in the Adobe Reader to view attached Mp3 files.

Download Guitar Play-Along Volume 1 – Rock free and other lessons from our site


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