Guitar One May 1996

Jun 30 2021

Guitar One May 1996

Guitar One May 1996 PDF free download. Guitar One Magazine is an engaging, hands-on guide for guitarists eager to learn about their instruments and the guitarists they admire. The world’s greatest guitarists, bands, and music educators offer our readers exclusive interviews, feature lessons, tips and insights. For both the beginning players and the improving amateurs, Guitar One magazine will play with your mind and soul, help to expand your skill and appreciation. Guitar One gives readers tons of useful information on every page, including the most accurate and comprehensive sheet music available in both tablature and standard notation. Plus “Basic Training,” “Riff Box” and “Soloing Strategies,” which offer useful musical examples and insider tips that will take players to the next level.

Guitar One May 1996 contents:

  • Noise And Feedback
  • Soundgarden – Kim Thayil unveils the superunknown of his early playing days and Soundgarden’s latest, down on the upside
  • Alex Lifeson – The Making of A Guitar Legend
  • Buddy Guy – Talks The Blues
  • An Introduction to the Basics of Surf Guitar
  • The Who riffs
  • Warming Up by Troy Stetina – A guide to improve your finger dexterity, using physical, musical, and exercise routines
  • Dishwalla – Counting Blue Cars
  • Blues Traveler – Run-Around
  • Metallica – Hero Of The Day
  • Collective Soul – Shine
  • The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up
  • Alice In Chains – Over Now
  • Cream – The Sunshine Of Your Love
  • Jeff Beck – Beck’s Bolero
  • Bush – Glycerine
  • Taking A Strum Down Memory Lane – An Introduction to basic strumming patterns


Text Format PDF, 107 pages

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  1. r.alamo /

    Okay, thanks! would you have guitar world december 2006?

  2. Fast /

    Yes, we have also new issues without audio, but we want to publish full issues with audio and video.

  3. r.alamo /

    Hi! any notice about the latest guitar techniques? i found some 2011 and 2012 new, but there´s not the audio files! we are looking forward for that. Thanks!

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