Guitar Legends #71 (2004) – Van Halen

Mar 19 2023

Guitar Legends #71 (2004) – Van Halen

Guitar Legends #71 2004 Van Halen PDF. Guitar Legends magazine PDF download. This is a special choice magazine for everyone who likes to read about master guitarists of all times. There comes some top class features with excellent collection of photos, interviews and exclusive features on guitarists. Every issue of this magazine has transcriptions of five songs. You will find the tablature of the songs, which you can play at your leisure. If you have been looking for great songs to practice on your guitar, this magazine delivers you some nice choices. This magazine features only the legends. The true legends that have made their mark on the world of music get due attention through this magazine. Every issue of this magazine has the special choice read on all time favourite guitarists.

Guitar Legends #71 (2004) – Van Halen contents:

  • Transcriptions: “Eruption”, “Hot for teacher”, “Panama”, “Finish what ya started”, “Light up the sky”, “Ice cream man”
  • Atomic Punk – The story of how Eddie Van Halen revolutionized rock guitar.
  • The new king of Heavy Metal – Guitar World kicked off its first full year of operation by interviewing the man who would change rock guitar forever.
  • The lift and times of Van Halen – As “Jump” hit Billboard’s Number One slot, Guitar World presented one of the first interviews from 5150, Edward’s new home studio.
  • On the Road – David Lee Roth was out, Sammy Hagar was in, and Guitar World was there with the inside scoop.
  • Unlawful carnal riffage – Seven shining rhythm guitar moments from Van Halen’s vast catalog of raucous riffs.
  • Feels so good – As OU812 raced up the charts, Eddie Van Halen discussed the album’s success and his evolution as a guitar god.
  • The monster of rock – He sparked an Eruption – and an aftershock of monumental proportions: Edward Van Halen, Guitar World’s player of the decade.
  • Sammy Drills Eddie – In 1993, Hagar put on his journalism cap and interviewed Eddie Van Halen on subjects ranging from guitar licks and tricks to the “brown sound” and songwriting inspiration.
  • Tapping young lad – A complete lesson on how to play “Eruption”, Eddie’s masterpiece of two-handed tapping.


Text Format PDF, 90 pages

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