Guerrilla Drum Making

Feb 20 2023

Guerrilla Drum Making

Guerrilla Drum Making download. Ever wonder why the process of crafting custom drums is so vague? We’ve all seen the brief overviews, hasty presentations, and the quick before to after photo shoots. But what really goes on behind the scenes and why haven’t they shown us the REAL science of creating these amazing stains and wrapped finishes? Probably because the procedure is a lot simpler than you think- sure it can be tedious, but they’re take on it is: If YOU knew how to do it… YOU would!
That’s exactly what John Dutra has done with the release of The Guerrilla Drum Making DVD. This DVD provides the insight you need to start making your own drums with no experience necessary. All that’s needed are some simple tools and soon you’ll be on the way to becoming your own custom drum company! Whether it be a snare drum or an entire kit, this DVD has everything you need.
Whether you’re a novice drum builder looking for a simple and cost-effective way to build drums or an experienced drum builder trapped in the world of limits, Guerrilla Drum Making is a compass for visual aids and new building ideas. Forget the old concept of needing specialized equipment to produce a custom drum set –there’s no need for them. Whether your dream drum set is a laminate drum wrap with intricate stripes, covered in exotic wood veneers, stained with a beautiful dye, covered in a sunburst or fade, this DVD is the blueprint for your creative ideas. You can do it all. Join guerrilla drum makers around the world and watch how to: -Work with new or used drum shells -Veneer drums with exotic woods -Wrap drums with striped laminates -Shoot a sunburst or color fade with aerosol cans -Properly use alcohol and water based dyes -Create high gloss, mirror finishes -Apply satin finishes -Work with acrylics -Design multiple lug layouts and hardware options for rack toms, floor toms, bass drums, and snare drums The only power tool you’ll need is a drill.

Language: English
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Running time: 85 min
Quality: DVDRip
Video: MPEG4 720×416 29.97 fps 1319 kb/s
Audio: Mp3, 44.1 Khz, stereo, 128 kb/s
Booklet: No
Size: 807 Mb

Guerrilla Drum Making

Guerrilla Drum Making

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