Gilbert DeBenedetti – A Dozen Italian Diversions for Guitar Solo

Sep 18 2016

Gilbert DeBenedetti – A Dozen Italian Diversions for Guitar Solo

A Dozen Italian Diversions is perfect both for honing technical skills and for solo guitar performance at the intermediate level. Dedicated to his parents who took him to Italy frequently as a child to cultivate an appreciation of his heritage, the author named each piece after an important Italian site or cultural entity. Written in18th century style, this collection of miniatures addresses a wide variety of moods while each piece, like an etude, focuses on just a few skills; for example- the melodic bass line of “Lament at La Scala,” the speed of “The Olympic Downhill” and “Tempest in the Olive Trees,” the slurs of “Palazzo Reale-Turin,” and a traditional minuet and trio entitled “Florentine Festival: Piazza della Signoria.” “Romeo and Juliet: The Last Act” features a scordatura tuning with the sixth string dropped to D, and “The Lonely Gondolier” is a gently rocking barcarole in 6/8 time in the key of A minor. The pieces are written in standard notation and tablature for maximum accessibility. Free audio downloads are available for use with this title.

Songs include:

  • Bargaining at the Arezzo Market
  • Florentine Festival: Piazza della Signoria
  • Kids at Play Beside an Alpine Barn
  • Lament at La Scala
  • Palazzo Reale, Turin
  • Parade at the Palio
  • Romeo and Juliet of Verona: The Last Act
  • Tempest among the Olive Trees
  • The Fountains of Rome
  • The Lonely Gondolier
  • The Olympic Downhill: Turin, 2006
  • The Spanish Steps, Rome

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 26 pages


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