Gerhard Graf-Martinez: Gipsy Guitar – Rumbas Flamencas Y Mas

Feb 19 2021

Gerhard Graf-Martinez: Gipsy Guitar – Rumbas Flamencas Y Mas

Gerhard Graf-Martinez Gipsy Guitar Rumbas Flamencas Y Mas download. Gipsy Guitar – Rumba-styles of the Flamenco guitar. After the great success of his two-volume Flamenco Guitar Method Gerhard Graf-Martinez has devoted the present volume, at the request of many of his readers, specially to the Hispano-American aspect of the Flamenco, the Rumba flamenca.
It is precisely these forms of the Flamenco that are regarded by many people as the epitome of the Flamenco and with which groups such as the Gipsy Kings take the international charts by storm.
In “Gipsy Guitar” the author guides each interested guitar player safely to the world of the Rumba flamenca, imparting all solo and accompanying techniques by means of printed music, tablature and two excellent CD recordings.
Gerhard Graf-Martinez is a passionate Flamenco guitarist and teacher. This two-volume method contains both his extensive inside-knowledge – acquired from his intense and friendly co-operation with “gitanos” and “maestros” – and the valuable experience of his long-standing teaching activitiy at national and international seminars and workshops.

  • Standard music notation and tablature / tabs
  • 5 Flamenco-Compositions (full transcribed)
  • Explanation of all techniques of right and left hand.
  • 50 photos of all hand and finger strokes.
  • Professional music typographie
  • 2 Audio-CDs (All titels in normal and slow version)
  • 3 version of every title: all instruments – only solo-guitar – only rhythm-guitar
  • Handmade music – no sampled sound.

The brilliance of this set as a learning product is that the songs are fairly straightfoward in terms of flamenco, while still being songs. Each song has both a lead part and rhythm part, both fully included in the music notation and tabs. The CDs are ideal for play-along, with each song presented in three versions: all together, no lead, no rhythm. Start with the slower tempo (80% speed), then move up to the full speed version as you progress.
The real jewel though is the DVD. It is extremely interactive and very comprehensive. There are very good demos of the techniques including explanations. For each song you can watch a close up of either part played separately, at either of the two tempos, with the music or current chord also displayed on the screen (both chord name and diagram). Or you can watch the two guitars playing together.
Now, the songs are not solos, nor are they concert pieces. Remember, they were written as learning material. But they would make great recital pieces for a duet.
Also, this is specifically Rumba style. Something like Juan Martin’s “solos” volume one has more styles, although in a very superficial treatment, and they are intended to be played solo, but they don’t even scratch the surface of Rumba like this set does.


Language: English
Year: 2000
Country: Spain
Video: Quick time
Booklet: Yes
Size: 429 Mb

Gerhard Graf-Martinez: Gipsy Guitar - Rumbas Flamencas Y Mas

Gerhard Graf-Martinez: Gipsy Guitar – Rumbas Flamencas Y Mas

Download Gerhard Graf-Martinez: Gipsy Guitar – Rumbas Flamencas Y Mas free and other lessons from our site


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  1. Azhar /


  2. Mithril /

    i have trouble running this program.
    With the Quicktime from package i had distorted sounds but the videos worked. Then i installed the latest Quicktime player, and now the sounds work but i can’t get the video working.

    And btw, there is no booklet. unless you call the onscreen tabs a Booklet.. :/

    Also, there is no audio CD.

  3. Gardy /

    It works for me.

  4. alcan /

    does not work with all quicktim versions i tried

  5. Gardy /

    The file is working fine for me. You guys need to experiment with Quicktime. Install Quicktime from the package, if doesn’t work, then try to download another version. It also depends on your OS.

  6. Dara985 /


  7. phamthuycuong /

    Thank you very much

  8. Kidd /

    Old quicktime 4 won’t work. The exec file that comes with the material does not want to install either. Also, no music sheets/tabs/pdf came with download. Other than that, this is still great stuff! Perhaps I’ll just buy the package online, that way everything should work fine.

  9. nawarguitar /

    hi guys
    the video is not working with me
    please help me how to work the video
    i get old quick time 4.1 but the video not working :(

  10. Sergio /

    Obrigado, gostei muito

  11. dylan26 /


  12. Beewak /

    Great upload – many thanks!

  13. marcoslamancha /

    Gracias. Exelente.

  14. antonio /

    thanks you guys it’s a great site for flamenco guitarist i’m downloading the file

  15. pioche /

    Thank you !

  16. keibafan /

    I replaced Graf’s German QuickTime 4 with an English version of the same and the videos work great now! A Google search led me to Brothersoft, from where I downloaded the QT 4 installer program. Thanks for this terrific Gipsy guitar package!

  17. Elie /

    guys I downloaded this pack and it’s working 100% so respectfully stop complaining :-)

    for you guys whose video is not working
    new versions of quick-time won’t work.
    uninstall the new quick time installed on your pc, and download Graf’s quick-time( the old german version )
    it is the only way to work the video

  18. milos kocman /

    Hi! Excuse me. “Gerhard Graf-Martinez: Gipsy Guitar” is O.K. The problem was quick time.
    Are there “Guitar Techniques” numbers with audio after june 2010?

  19. scoggins /

    thank you guys you’re doing a great job i hope this will work coz i’m a veryy big fan of gipsy kings’s style of rumbas

  20. Suominen /

    E.D. I had the same error in German. I’m running XP 32 bit. I installed the quick time player which was packed with the lesson, and error disappeared.

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