Fred Sokolow – The Roots of Jazz Guitar

Apr 26 2018

Fred Sokolow – The Roots of Jazz Guitar

Fred Sokolow The Roots of Jazz Guitar PDF. This book gives a good overview of the different styles of Jazz Guitar from 1920s to 1970s. Together with the accompanying CD, its a great tool to find your favourite Jazz Guitar style. Fred Sokolow has covered 6 tunes from famous jazz guitarists, Eddie Lang, Django, van Eps, Charlie Christian, Barney Kessel, and Wes Montgomery in this book. The examples of comping, soloing and actual tunes are recorded in the CD.
A complete survey of jazz guitar, its pioneers and how it developed. Includes: six note-for-note transcriptions of famous standards pivotal to the genre; instruction in the essential playing styles; the history and development of jazz guitar; biographies of the pioneering artists; a recording of the songs, exercises, and licks; and more.

Songs include:

  • Dinah (Eddie Lang)
  • East of the Sun (And West of the Moon) (Barney Kessel)
  • Honeysuckle Rose (Charlie Christian)
  • I’ll Remember April (George Van Eps)
  • Rose Room (Django Reinhardt)
  • Yesterdays (Wes Montgomery)

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 49 pages

Download Fred Sokolow – The Roots of Jazz Guitar free and other lessons from our site


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  1. mcruz58 /

    got it.

  2. Gardy /

    Amazon says that there should be 64 pages. This copy has 49 pages and 32 audio tracks.

  3. Zerospazio /

    Some year ago an incomplete copy of this one was shared on the net. This one is complete? ALL pages and audio files? TX in advance for the attention :)

  4. bayouroad /

    thanks you very much

  5. manson1985 /

    Thank you very much Faststrings!! :-)

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