Fred Sokolow – Building a Jazz Chord Solo

Sep 05 2022

Fred Sokolow – Building a Jazz Chord Solo

Fred Sokolow Building a Jazz Chord Solo PDF. A Guitarist’s Guide to the Art of Chord Melody Playing. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate guitarist, this book/CD pack will help you to understand and learn the art of jazz chord soloing in four stages. Four jazz standards are presented, each with four arrangements at varying levels of difficulty: a beginner’s arrangement, using mostly first-position chords; an intermediate arrangement, using moveable chords and featuring a more developed chord vocabulary; an advanced arrangement, including ample chord substitutions and reharmonization; an improvisational chord solo that leaves the melody behind. This teaches how to improvise a chord solo over a given set of changes. Plenty of information is presented along the way that will teach you how to build your own chord solos as well as understand and play jazz progressions.
This book not only teaches four arrangements for each of the four songs, but teaches the student how to prepare their own arrangements of songs. The theory can be overwhelming for a beginner, but for someone with knowledge looking to “pull it all together,” the style is fine.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 57 pages


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