The Frank Gambale Technique Book 2

May 29 2020

The Frank Gambale Technique Book 2

Both Frank Gambale Technique Book 1 & Book 2 are essentially studies of five different improvisational approaches to tackle a particular chord type, namely: scale, pentatonics, arpeggios, triads, intervals. As such, Frank presents a wide range of harmonic possibilities on improvisation, based upon which the intelligent student can construct meaningful solos when these music elements are internalized.
Note that in those two books there is a large amount of materials to digest, however a solid understanding of these materials is fundamental to jazz improvisation. The aspiring guitarist is urged to seek ways, from other sources, to build lines once these improvisational elements are digested. Recommended for a core course of improvisation. Our visitors recommend to look through the pages of Frank Gambale – Speed Picking book to increase speed and other skills.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 75 pages

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  1. pedro paulo /

    Ótimo livro. é muito inspirador e a qualidade da exposição da matéria é ótima. gostei e recomendo.

  2. kuntur /

    Gracias por el aporte!!!

  3. Nick /

    Great book! thanks faststrings!!

  4. erivaldo /

    como faço para baixar

  5. Cadu /

    preeciso desse livro

  6. Terry /

    Thanks very much

  7. Mimmo /

    Very good!!!!!!!

  8. Frank /

    Frank Gambale Great!

  9. gretsch /

    es un gran aporte por la tecnica de swep :_9

  10. julius /

    Frank Gambale es un gran guitarrista y maestro, sus materiales son geniales, pero requiere mucha dedicacion para lograr aplicarlo de manera adecuada

  11. gooduke /

    Thanks faststrings!!!!

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