Frank Gambale – Improvisation Made Easier

Jan 24 2017

Frank Gambale – Improvisation Made Easier

Frank Gambale’s new improvisation book is a twelve-chapter course, with seven lessons per chapter, that covers the twelve most important scales and modes. Each lesson explores the chords, voicings and licks that are derived from each scale. The two enclosed CDs contain 119 recorded music examples (over 50 CD tracks), and the clearly presented text is written in standard notation and tablature. The Most Useful Scales And Modes: Mixolydian, Aeolian, Lydian Lydian b7, Dorian, Super Locrian, Ionian, Half-Whole Diminished, Phrygian, Aeolian b5.
As the book cover states, this improvisation course is for intermediate to advanced players. Beginners are advised to at least gain a solid understanding of improvisation theory (e.g. from Gambale Technique Book I & Technique Book 2) and develop a fluent alternate/sweep picking technique, which are very much necessary for fully learning the licks, before tackling ‘Improvisation Made Easier’.
Gambale’s music is largely modal as opposed to bebop/tonal/chord-tone approach, ‘Improvisation Made Easier’ is essentially an improvisation study of 12 important modes in terms of his licks.
There is no analysis for the licks. But it will be beneficial for the guitarist, who is presumably equipped with a solid knowledge of improvisation theory, to figure out the ideas in the phrases, e.g. triad superimpositions, pentatonic usage, etc.
With some musical sense, improvisational ideas, e.g. melodic sequence, intervallic movement, etc. can be extracted from the licks, which serve as inspirations for soloing ideas, rather than just plain licks to play over. Such ideas should then be developed into one’s own phrases, so as to expand the usefulness of the licks.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 105 pages

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