The Evolution of Tony Royster Jr.

Dec 14 2014

The Evolution of Tony Royster Jr.

Tony Royster Jr. has evolved. From a world-renown child prodigy to high-profile professional touring drummer. Tony continues to stretch boundaries and break barriers with his seemingly effortless chops and creativity. Join Tony on his evolutional journey as he performs with mentor, Dennis Chambers, drumming legend Terry Bozzio and his latest project ASAP. Get a glimpse inside Tony’s world as he goes back to the streets of Atlanta where it all began, see rare footage of his childhood and witness dozens of never-before-seen interviews.
Plus, get plenty of behind-the-scenes footage, bonus features and so much more. The Evolution of Tony Royster Jr. is an inspirational, mind-blowing drumming adventure that’s a must-see for every drummer. Published By: Drum Channel Total Content: 198 minutes.
Tony Royster is a genius, and this DVD will convince you of that with footage from his childhood up until today where he plays with an ease and fluency rarely seen. This DVD comes with footage of him talking with and jamming with Dennis Chambers and Terry Bozzio, two drumming greats who Tony obviously looks up to and is enthusiastic to play with. If you’re a drummer, old or young, you gotta see what young people today are doing with this instrument, and Tony’ s the guy to follow.
This video was simply, some of the best drumming coming from a incredibly young drummer. Tony Royster is super fast, acurate, very forceful, and hard hitting. Plus, he has exceptional abilities with playing the drums. Just simply put, tony royster is just one awesome guy! If you are a drummer, this video is worth buying and watching!

Language: English
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Running time: 198 min
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 720×480 6900 kb/s Aspect Ratio 4:3
Audio: 2 ch stereo 48 kHz 192 kb/s
Booklet: No
Size: 4.5 Gb

Tony Royster Jr. - The Evolution of Tony Royster Jr.

Tony Royster Jr. – The Evolution of Tony Royster Jr.

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