Emily Remler Retrospective “Compositions”

Jan 13 2021

Emily Remler Retrospective “Compositions”

Emily Remler Retrospective Compositions PDF. This collection of transcriptions come from the recorded work of Emily Remler on the concord label. All ten selections, ranging from delicate ballads (Song For My Grandfather) to vanguard fusion (Antonio) were composed by Emily. Several pieces such as Mocha Spice and Nunca Mais, feature her fresh approach to the trio Rhythm section format and her propensity for Latin music, East to Wes, The Firefly and Blues for Herb are representative of Emily’s mainstream jazz and blues sensibilities.

Songs include:

  • Mocha Spice
  • Nunca Mais
  • Waltz For My Grandfather
  • Catwalk
  • Blues For Herb
  • Transitions
  • The Firefly
  • East to Wes
  • Antonio
  • Mozambique

Format: PDF + Audio Tracks (Mp3), 109 pages

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  1. sanilyson /

    Alguien podría pasarme el material?No puedo descargarlo.

  2. CclLinDt /

    thank you

  3. Conso /

    En Uruguay no se consigue este material…muchísimas gracias por la divulgación…!!

  4. genomas /

    Muchas gracias por este hermoso material, saludos.

  5. magaguia /

    I loved this opportunity to have some works of this magnificent jazz artist congratulate the website of yours is spectacular !!! Wish you postassem the book “Emily Remler Retrospective” Compositions “vol 2 to complete this collection.

  6. Jet /

    Very good book ผมชอบมาก

  7. manson1985 /

    Super upload! Thanks a lot Faststrings :-)

  8. doniahl /

    for me she is a legend and i am very glad that now i have some good transcription of her composition on this book . thank you very much for this book .

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