Eltjo Haselhoff – How to play Fingerstyle Guitar

Jan 15 2022

Eltjo Haselhoff – How to play Fingerstyle Guitar

Eltjo Haselhoff How to play Fingerstyle Guitar. Fingerstyle is a wonderful guitar technique, because it allows you to play full-fledged music, with a melody, chords and a bassline, all by yourself! Moreover, with fingerstyle you can play any kind of music, from classical music to hardrock and everything in between. In this highly acclaimed instruction DVD, Dutch fingerstyle maestro Eltjo Haselhoff presents a structured step-by-step approach to give you a flying start in the exciting world of fingerstyle guitar.
Unlike many other instruction DVDs, this course als pays a lot of attention to teaching the right approach for efficient learning, and explains the right mentality to avoid common pitfalls (such as giving up too soon). Designed for complete beginners as well as more advanced players who want to learn fingerstyle.
Eltjo Haselhoff is a well established player and composer in the fingerstyle guitar arena. He has several highly acclaimed albums out, and his instructional DVD for fingerstyle guitar is available in three different languages. The DVD was an immediate and worldwide succes, thanks to the efficient and unorthodox approach, the clear explanations and Eltjo’s highly motivational attitude.
Fingerstyle is a fantastic guitar technique, because it allows you to pick up a guitar and play full-fledged music, all by yourself, with a melody, accompaniment chords and a bass line, all together! Moreover, if you can play fingerstyle, you can play all kinds of music, from classical to hard rock and everything in between. This makes fingerstyle a perfect basis to learn other guitar styles as well.
With this DVD, a beginning guitarist (or begining fingerpicker) will have enough study material for a year, or even longer. It is not required to have any prior experience with guitar playing, and you need no knowledge of music. However, by the time you can play everything on this DVD, you may consider yourself one of the better guitarists in town!
Eltjo breaks down all aspects of the technique. The system is “idiot proof”, one just has to put in the time. The teaching is excellent, but be prepared to spend up to a year perfecting everything in the course. Eltjo goes over potential pitfalls and learning curve frustrations and how to overcome them. He also has a good (dry) sense of humor. Oh, and his playing is crazy good.


Language: English
Country: Netherlands
Running time: 01:52:00
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 720×480 NTSC 16:9 5958 kbps 29.97 fps
Audio: AC3 2 ch 192 Kbps 48.0 KHz
Booklet: No
Size: 4.5 Gb

Eltjo Haselhoff - How to play Fingerstyle Guitar

Eltjo Haselhoff – How to play Fingerstyle Guitar

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  1. saytanz /

    Booklet please … .

  2. mike /

    the video seems too fast im a beginer

  3. w4ster /

    Great DVD but why no booklet? :sad:

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