Drum Tips – Double Bass Drumming

Mar 08 2011

Drum Tips – Double Bass Drumming

Drum Tips brings together some of the world’s greatest drummers, each providing his own insights on music and the drums. Double Bass Drumming features Terry Bozzio, Rod Morgenstein, Joe Franco and Simon Phillips, offering tips on exercises, beats, fills, and solo ideas. This in-depth practical information from the pros will be valuable for beginning and experienced double bass drummers.
Excellent DVD with hands-on (feet-on?) explanations by all the double bass drum players. Top props to Terry Bozzio and Joe Franco for their beginning level techniques and exercises. It’s a good drums video skills for amature drummer. The lesson from the pros is really needed.


Language: English
Year: 1996
Country: USA
Running time: 00:45:48
Quality: VHSrip
Video: DivX 5 720×480 25 fps 779 kbps
Audio: 44.1 KHz 192 kbps
Booklet: No
Size: 337 Mb

Drum Tips - Double Bass Drumming

Drum Tips – Double Bass Drumming

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  1. Helens /

    Admin long time no drum tutorials.
    When will be the new?Thanks!

  2. alejandrums /

    Thank you very much for this! It is a very nice instructional video!
    Cheers from Argentina!

  3. Metkam /

    Thanks :punk:

  4. pe de pano /

    Obrigado… muito bom mesmo 😀

  5. Hugo /

    for all this videos

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