Doyle Dykes – Dykesology

Apr 05 2021

Doyle Dykes – Dykesology

Doyle Dykes Dykesology PDF. Dykesology for Guitar (Fingerpicking). Bluegrass & Country, intermediate. Book/CD Set. As one of the brightest stars in the world of fingerstyle guitar, Doyle Dykes breathes new lifer and considerable swing and soul into the genre. This book presents ten outstanding arrangements, offering a cross-section of Doyle’s music and a panorama of his career.  Doyle engages his audiences with an astounding arsenal of right and left-hand techniques, sweeping them along on a musically satisfying, even spiritual flight. He is also an innovative and gifted arranger. This book contains pieces in standard and altered guitar tunings written in standard notation and tablature for the intermediate to advanced player. Includes performance notes by Jonathan Burchfield. The companion CD presents the artist’s sparkling renditions of each challenging selection in the book.

Songs include:

  • Loving Rita
  • Jazz In The Box
  • Amazing Grace
  • Twin Six Shooters
  • Mission Of St. Holli
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • And Can It Be?
  • Gitarre 2000
  • Laguna Sand
  • Zacheus


Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 78 pages

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    Merci pour tout ces trésors ! tab, leçons, musiques diverses que du bon domm mon seul problème c’est l’anglais mais on se débrouille avec traducteur

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    I’m glad to find this out of print book. Thank you!

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    Very nice!!!

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