Don Mock – Symmetrical Scales Revealed

Aug 20 2020

Don Mock – Symmetrical Scales Revealed

Don Mock Symmetrical Scales Revealed PDF. Learning how to play and use scales has always been a large part of every guitar player’s practice schedule. Written from a player’s perspective, this book doesn’t get too in-depth into the history and classical theory of the scales, but focuses on their uses in contemporary styles such as blues, rock, fusion, and jazz. Includes tons of diminished and whole-tone lines, licks, and music examples; soloing and scale substitution from a player’s perspective; and new sounds and ideas. Written in standard notation and tab.
This is a really good instruction book if you are interested adding more color to your guitar playing. The book and CD go together well and I would also suggest checking out Don’s other offerings. Don Mock just has an excellent approach to teaching guitar and relevance to melodic musical interpretation and playing guitar with comprehension and soulfulness.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 48 pages

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    thanks for the good material!!

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    thankis for all the great aportations to the world musicians

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    Can i request don mock books plus mp3

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    please send me the book symetrical scales revealed of Don Mock. i do like this book . Is the best one. i had it but i loose it and i wanna have it again. pls

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