Dix Bruce – BackUp Trax: Basic Blues For Guitar

Oct 30 2021

Dix Bruce – BackUp Trax: Basic Blues For Guitar

Dix Bruce BackUp Trax Basic Blues For Guitar PDF. Learn to play 14 classic blues the best way-by doing! This book and CD provide your backup band as you explore Country and Urban, Acoustic and Electric, Delta, Texas, Chicago, Slide Guitar, Alternate Tuning, Traditional, and Modern styles in many different major and minor keys and in a variety of tempos.
Melodies are first presented on the recording at a slow speed with just guitar, then repeated at regular speed with the band. Finally, you can play along with the hot blues rhythm section alone, and you’ve got the makings of a dynamite blues jam session. You’ll play all the leads and solos! Repeat a tune or passage as many times as you want at slow or regular speed. We’ll jam all night long! Beginners and intermediate players can practice basic skills. Advanced players can hone their improvisation chops. The split track recording allows you to hear either just the melody from one speaker, just the rhythm section from the other, or both for maximum flexibility and specific study. The book includes melodies, chord diagrams and guitar tablature.


Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 48 pages

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  1. Gretschie /

    Better provide a splitted file available for download. But thanks anyway!

  2. Albert Sobotka /

    I want to download this book.
    Thank you.

  3. jonoo500 /

    Thanks much for this download!

  4. nandoputra /

    Can’t wait to start bluessing 😀

    thanks…this is really helps…

  5. tranvantruong /

    love you…admin !!!

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