Dawn Richardson – Block Rockin’ Beats

Jul 06 2021

Dawn Richardson – Block Rockin’ Beats

Dawn Richardson Block Rockin’ Beats PDF. This book has tons of cool grooves and fills for the intermediate to advanced drummer. This book reflects recent musical trends by focusing on funky rock, hip hop, jungle and drum ‘n’ bass influenced patterns for the drum kit. As time marches on, popular music continues to evolve and change. Block Rockin’ Beats is designed to give the drummer more ideas and tools to help function in a musical environment that was not only influenced by jazz, blues, gospel, country, soul, latin and funk styles – but also shaped by D.J.s, samplers and electronic music. Drummers are often called upon now to replace or ad to programmed drums in the recording studio. For live shows, live drumming might be melded together with electronic elements or D.J.s, or both Rock and popular music are incorporating so many different elements and styles at this point, it’s hard to keep track! Update your rhythmic vocabulary with some Block Rockin’ Beats.
Dawn Richardson is perhaps best known for her work as a member of the pop rock band 4 Non Blondes. As a member of that successful rock act, she received gold and platinum records for sales in the United States along with thirteen gold records and nine platinum singles for international sales. She toured the world, opening for such rock legends as Aerosmith, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, and Prince and has appeared on national and international television performing live on Late Night with David Letterman, The Late Show with Conan O’Brien, MTV’s Beach House, The Billboard Music Awards, and Europe’s Top of the Pops.

Format: PDF, 82 pages


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