David Baker – The Bebop Era Treble Clef Vol. 1

Sep 23 2021

David Baker – The Bebop Era Treble Clef Vol. 1

David Baker The Bebop Era Treble Clef Volume 1 PDF. Book #1 of 3 in the series by David Baker, 103 pages. Hundreds of patterns indicative of the Bebop style constructed over II/V’s. Each pattern starts on a different scale degree. “Improvisational patterns: The Bebop Era” is the first of a series of pattern books predicated on the belief that while certain patterns seem to transcend eras and styles, the greater body of improvisational material is of high specificity with regard to its time and place within the jazz continuum.
Fittingly, the bebop era initiates the series since in the minds of many people, (the author included), this era is the common practice period of jazz music. While the patterns in this book are also highly specific, they enjoy a greater continuing currency than do the patterns of any other period in jazz’s brief history. The many II V7, cycle and turnaround patterns are based on protracted studies of literally hundreds of solos by the jazz greats of the bebop era.

Format: PDF, 103 pages

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    thanks a lot… a classic…

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    hello i am french clarinettist and saxophonist and my english is very bad ! salutations et bonne journée ! amitié. chap’s.

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    the best…the bebop era

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    very useful 2-5-1 s.
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    Cool!!Thanks a lot Faststrings :-)

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