Dave Weigert – Jazz Workshop for Bass and Drums

Aug 13 2022

Dave Weigert – Jazz Workshop for Bass and Drums

Dave Weigert Jazz Workshop for Bass and Drums PDF. This softbound book explains how to play jazz bass and jazz drums. The chapters are as follows: History of Jazz Bass and Drums, Notation Improving Reading Skills, Lead Sheet Interpretation, Effective Practice, How To Practice With recordings, Set-Ups and Fills, Time, Jazz Feel, Form, Improvisation, Latin Feel, Comping and Time Playing, Touch, Tone, and Dynamics, Funk Feel. Listening and Developing Ears, Rehearsal Preparations.
This comprehensive book/CD set can help drummers and bassists gain valuable playing experience in jazz, funk, and Latin jazz styles. Textbook for bassists and drummers. Helps to cope with the main aim of many ensembles – a competent accompaniment.


  • Equinox
  • All blues
  • Nardis
  • Maiden voyage
  • Here’s that rainy day
  • Blues for brecker
  • Someday me prince will come
  • Oleo
  • The big dipper
  • Anouschka
  • Recardo bossa nova
  • Filha bonita – (Beautiful daughter)
  • Mambo de la luna
  • Damn right i am somebody
  • The Chicken
  • Levelation
  • Rhithmic etudes
  • Swing Etude in 4/4
  • On the fly
  • Swing (3/4)
  • Swing to Half-time feel
  • Swing to Double-time
  • Pent-Up House
  • Bossa to swing
  • Funk etude
  • Funk-Shuffle


Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 134 pages

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