Dave Hill – The Guitar Lick-Tionary

Aug 05 2021

Dave Hill – The Guitar Lick-Tionary

Dave Hill The Guitar Lick-Tionary PDF. Learn the essential lines and techniques of the world’s greatest guitarists with this super cool book/CD pack! Set up like a dictionary, it provides clear, concise instruction and application tips in standard notation and tab for licks in all styles of music, including rock, blues, jazz, country, pop, acoustic and fusion. The accompanying CD features 99 demo tracks so you can hear how each lick should sound.
This is a thick book of almost 200 licks of varying styles and flavors. The examples all sound very good, an A for production. It doesn’t have the most shredding licks, but it has many tasteful licks, all built from fundamentals that can be broken down to write your own.
This is a book that shows you how to play different styles of licks that will in turn give you tools to create your own licks. If you do not have the ability to record these licks onto a device that will allow you to loop them, the starting and stopping of the cd will test your patience since most of the recordings are only 15 or so seconds long. If you’re looking for a book that will help you put all those scales, arpeggios, etc. to a better use and understanding this book will help.
The examples are fun and technically challenging, and run the gamut from relatively easy BB King/double stop blues licks to much harder altered/minor scale stuff that really challenges. And some great pentatonic/”hard” rock riffs, too. The examples are doubled on the cd tracks, two discs would have been better.


Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 69 pages

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  1. charlybadulake /

    alguien puede compartir enlace del audio? solo el audio. gracias

  2. korner /

    The audio tracks for this book are available here. Buy premium and download.

  3. Stefano /

    What if CD get broken> Is it possible to download the CD somewhere?

  4. 123456 /

    gracias por el aporte pudieras colocar otro enlace para descargarlo.
    es decir desde otro servidor porque caso es imposible descargarlo por nova

  5. brianjayy /

    Thanks so much for the book and CD…!!!

  6. Martin Brian /

    Thank you very much

  7. Gurgyigonpo /

    Big thx frm Cali

  8. David Warden /

    Thanks bunch. I have the book but my CD got broken

  9. Metal God /

    Sweet! Thank you very much :)

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