Dave Eastlee – Scale-Chord Connection

Jan 31 2021

Dave Eastlee – Scale-Chord Connection

Dave Eastlee Scale-Chord Connection PDF. This terrific book/CD pack by Dave Eastlee teaches scale fingerings, and lets guitarists see and hear exactly how they apply to specific chord types in relation to the entire fingerboard. Topics covered include: major scale-chord combinations; harmonic and melodic minor scale-chord combinations; pentatonic scale-chord combinations; whole tone scale-chord combinations and diminished scale-chord combinations. The accompanying CD includes 40 demo tracks. For all styles.
This book is a must have. It includes diatonic major chords in five fingerings and progressions, flat five substitutions, progressions and exercises, blues progressions, diatonic harmonic minor chords in five fingerings, more progressions, diatonic melodic minor chords in five fingerings, diminished principles, chord shapes and more. It’s laid out as a bare bones approach and is easy to follow. There is very little text, so if you are looking for an explanation of theory, look somewhere else. But this book will teach you various (the most common and useful) chord shapes in the first five fingerings. Combine this book with Eastlee’s “scale connection” and you’ll have all you need for rhythm or lead soloing.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 42 pages


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