Dave Celentano – Killer Pentatonics for Guitar

Nov 04 2014

Dave Celentano – Killer Pentatonics for Guitar

Innovative and diverse ways of playing pentatonic scales in blues, rock and heavy metal. The licks and ideas in this book will give you fresh approaches to playing the pentatonic scale, hopefully inspiring you to reach for higher levels in your playing. Companion audio features recorded examples. 37-minute audio accompaniment. This is a pretty good book for the basics. Its laid out with the basic framework at the beginning and gets progressively harder all the way to the end. Great book for guitarists who want to concentrate on their 2-hand tapping technique Dave Celentano – Over the Top

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 48 pages

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  1. brokenbot /

    Awesome! Always wanted this! Thx faststrings! You’re the best! :rockin:

  2. manson1985 /

    Thanks Faststrings!! Dave Celentano is a great instructor 😉

  3. robi.arellano /


  4. Paul /

    Muchas gracias, es un buen aporte cultural muy altruista ¡FELICITACIONES

  5. hothanhsang /

    Great this book

  6. Bryan /

    thank you I hope this will help me because I need it.

  7. mau /

    muy buen libro gracias

  8. juan /

    genial gracias .. lo busque por todos lados muchas gracias enserio

  9. jorge rosas /

    gracis bien libro

  10. Henry /

    excelente libro, es lo mejor

  11. leo /

    buenisimo libro magnifico

  12. twolesly /

    thank very goood

  13. daniel /

    simple the best!

  14. javier85 /

    broder hola, como estás, talves tienes los audios de este libro en MP3?

  15. aiw /

    thank very good

  16. thanks dave! /

    I totally appreciate this thanks dave!

  17. xavobot /

    Gracias por tu aporte y larga vida al rock

  18. CarlosBirdland /

    faststrings….is the best…Greetings from São Paulo Brazil

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