Dan Miller – Flatpicking Essentials Volume 1

May 03 2023

Dan Miller – Flatpicking Essentials Volume 1

Flatpicking Essentials Volume 1 Rhythm, Bass Runs, and Fill Licks PDF. This 96-page spiral bound instructional book, with audio CD, teaches you how to play interesting and exciting rhythm guitar accompaniment by showing you how to fill the rhythm guitarist roles of: Keeping Good Time, Outlining the Chord, Leading the Listener’s Ear to the Chord Change, and adding Texture, Excitement, Drive, and Interest. The goal of this book and accompanying CD is to make you a better rhythm player, and to also prepare you to begin playing lead guitar in Volume 2 (Learning How to Solo: Carter Style Leads and Beyond).
What you will learn in the first Volume of the Flatpicking Essentials Series (Rhythm, Bass Runs, and Fill Licks):

  • The Role of the Rhythm Player: Keeping Time, Outlining the Chord, Leading the Listener’s Ear to the Chord Change, adding Texture and Interest
  • Bass Line construction based on major scales, the chromatic scale, and arpeggios
  • Bass Line construction using a variety of timing variations (half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, dotted-quarter notes)
  • Bass Line construction using walk-ups, walk-downs, and leading tones
  • The Rest Stroke
  • Alternate Pick Direction and Eighth Note Runs and Fill Licks
  • Over 20 G-Run Variations
  • Syncopation
  • Over 10 Alternate Strumming Patterns
  • How to Work with a Metronome
  • Dozens of Examples!

The Flatpicking Essentials instructional series is designed to teach you the art of flatpicking the acoustic guitar in a sequential, step-by-step method that will gradually build your flatpicking skill in a way that leaves no “gaps” or “holes.” While this method will be extremely beneficial to beginners, this series will also be of great value to those guitar players who have been working to learn how to flatpick for quite some time, yet can’t seem to get beyond a certain plateau. If you are having trouble moving beyond memorized solos, adding interest and variety to your rhythm playing, learning how to play up-the-neck, learning how to come up with your own arrangements to songs, learning how to play by ear, or learning how to improvise, then this series is for you!

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 101 pages

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