Colin Bailey – Bass Drum Control

Dec 24 2016

Colin Bailey – Bass Drum Control

It’s more than just speed and endurance exercises for the bass drum, although that is part of it. There are also many exercises that alternate between the hands and feet. These help develop hand/foot separation and coordination. The enclosed CD with the latest edition actually explains the technique used and what recommended pedal set-up to use. The book illustrates the exercises with notation. The book doesn’t actually have written or photo explanations of the technique. Colin Bailey’s book recommended if you want to improve this area of drumming, either single pedal set-up or double-pedal set-up. Understanding music notation is essential to us this book.
One of the most frequent questions for drummers is “heel up or down” on the bass pedal. One of the things that is great about this book is that the CD gives some very good information about foot technique, pedal adjustment, seating position, and head tuning to get the results you hear on the CD. This guy plays a straight forward “heal down” technique with all the action coming from the calf, ankle and toes. No heal/ toe or toe slide or other gimmicks and you will be amazed at the speed the guy gets. All the exercises in the book are performed with a single pedal and this guy can do anything that people today do with two. Even more amazing is to note that this book was first published in 1964!
Think of this book as “Stick Control” for the feet. It’s more than just speed and endurance exercises for the bass drum, although that is part of it. These help develop hand/foot separation and coordination. There is also a neat section that incorporates the bass drum into the rudiments.
The book is well thought out and organized going from single bass beats, to double, triples all the way to 15 beats on the bass drum in a row at 16th note speed. There are rudiments, time patterns, fills and complete solos.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

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  1. DARRY TS /

    excelente metodo, gracias saludos desde Colombia

  2. DARRY TS /

    thank for this book

  3. zito /

    grande el metodo

  4. bebopbop /

    thanks a lot,great

  5. santiago /

    muy buenos libros!!!!


    gracias me ayudara mucho como baterista y t aplicare todos los ejercicios a una buena rutina de entrenamiento gracias

  7. Earz /

    Respect! Thanks for All

  8. antony.kidis /

    I play druьs for about 13 years now.
    Every serious drummer must have this book!
    One of the Best Exercises i ever saw for improving your feet-hand coordination! :-) Simply jenius^-)))

  9. Sanchez /

    Thanks for all, i’d like very much the book

  10. Helens /

    Thanks…Admin :drummer:

  11. Stauz /

    Thanks So Much!

  12. Gush /

    Great book !
    Thanks adm.

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