Charlton Johnson – Swing And Big Band Guitar

May 30 2020

Charlton Johnson – Swing And Big Band Guitar

Charlton Johnson Swing And Big Band Guitar PDF. It’s is a great tool for the beginning swing guitarist, the high school or college jazz band player looking for an organized way to approach rhythm guitar, or an experienced guitarist looking to expand his or her style. This book/CD pack for teaching jazz rhythm guitar in swing & big band styles includes: sample songs, patterns, progressions and exercises; essential chord voicings, inversions and substitutions; info on time and groove, reading charts, chord reduction and expansion; a chord reference library; and over 50 full-demo samples on the accompanying CD.
If you are interested in learning how to play swing rhythm guitar you need this book. Freddie Green was the master of swing rhythm guitar and the author took his chair in the Count Basie band when Freddie retired. The author breaks down his style in an accessible way, step-by-step. The audio examples are very helpful and of high quality-no cheesy synth rhythm section. The chord voicings, inversions, and substitutions are explained in detail as well as a chapter on how to expand or reduce the harmony of a tune.
This book will help every rhythm player to accelerate being an advanced rhythm player a lot. Thoroughly recommended!
Of course, if you are a lazy guy, and you have this book under your pillow, it will not help.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 80 pages

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  1. Fender63 /

    Great book and many thanks for the alternative to Novafile.

  2. rypcus /

    Díky za knihu – vynikající

  3. 9flat5 /

    After this book, you should be able to play directly from a Fake book and play chord chart like the Pros. Book has some great voice leading techniques…

  4. mike /

    thanks for the book.

  5. turcko /

    best m :elvis: :drummer:

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