Charles Dowd – Jazz, Rock and Latin Sourcebook

May 19 2022

Charles Dowd – Jazz, Rock and Latin Sourcebook

Charles Dowd Jazz, Rock and Latin Sourcebook PDF. This book & CD takes the concept of the drum dictionary to a new level: 100 grooves for drums and bass that explore every style of musical performance are written and recorded for maximum impact. The concept of combining the drums and the bass truly makes this a unique and definitive resource for all percussionists. The groove patterns in this book will provide playing material for the drummer and bassist enabling the development of solid ensemble skills and steady “time feel” in many contemporary styles. Practice your favorite grooves but also practice the myriad of other grooves (and uncomfortable tempos) that are not in your regular performing regimen. Play ALL styles.

Styles include:

  • Rock
  • Funk
  • Soul
  • Fusion
  • Rhythm & Blues
  • Pop
  • Latin
  • Salsa
  • Brazilian
  • Afro-Cuban
  • Reggae
  • World-Beat
  • Jazz
  • Bebop
  • Swing
  • Shuffle
  • Blues
  • Country

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 62 pages

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  1. obede de Lima /

    This is book is very good And i need it’s!

  2. obede de Lima /


  3. Wan Jr /

    Very Cool!! Great book for bassist and drummers

  4. colman /

    thanks! This site is incredible

  5. francisco Rodriguez /

    Hola, es a ver si me puedo bajar el A funky primer for the Rock Drummer charles dowd

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