Charles Dowd – A Funky Thesaurus for the Rock Drummer

Sep 29 2013

Charles Dowd – A Funky Thesaurus for the Rock Drummer

In this sequel to A Funky Primer, World renowned drummer Charles Dowd helps to add Afro-Cuban rhythms and Odd-Meter Rock beats to a drummers repertoire. Suitable for all percussionists, it introduces certain mechanics of these new styles, focuses on skill building and reinforces practical skills. Many genres of music are covered here; such as African, funk and jazz; all grounded in straight rock or Latin eighths. An invaluable guide for drummers who want to improve improvisation, reading, technique and stylistic taste.
Keeping time is the most important function of any drummer. This book covers the playing of odd time signatures which is becoming increasingly important for the drumset player. This book is a continuation of the popular book, A Funky Primer, but is a little more advanced. It contains jazz, Latin-funk and odd-time rock patterns including 12/8, 5/4, 7/4, 9/4, 11/4, 13/4 and 15/4.

Format: PDF, 51 pages

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