Charles Chapman – Finger Gymnastics

Aug 12 2020

Charles Chapman – Finger Gymnastics

Charles Chapman Finger Gymnastics PDF. Warm-Up, Flexibility, Speed and Strength. This book is for all levels and styles of guitarists. “Finger Gymnastics” is a term used for warm-ups, stretching, and any type of practice exercise that develops technique and stamina while preventing technique related injuries. The exercises in this book are time-tested and will keep your technique at its optimum while helping to ensure injury-free performance.
The enclosed CD presents three versions of the exercises in chapters I and II, each version more advanced than the preceding one. In chapter III, bass and rhythm accompaniments are included for many of the examples. Matching the pitch and articulation with a rhythm background will not only assist in warming up, stretching, and building stamina, but will make your practice a more pleasurable experience.
The exercises are not long but not too short. They get the job done in loosening those muscles up.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 32 pages

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    Thank you for Finger fitness.

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    Finger fitness. Practical book. Thank you!

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    This material is very good, I very like it!

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