Carcassi – Classical Guitar Method

May 16 2020

Carcassi – Classical Guitar Method

Carcassi Classical Guitar Method PDF. Classical guitar is one of the most beautiful genres of music. Matteo Carcassi created this wonderful method to help guitarist from all genres learn the wonderful classical style. You will find exercises, definitions, and songs to help you learn this style of music.
A new edition, Classical Guitar Method offers an elementary approach to playing the guitar. It provides a table of relative value of notes, definitions and explanations about the rudimentary elements of guitar playing such as scales and tempo. This is one of the most famous guitar method books for students and teachers! All pieces are in standard notation only.
While there are better methods for basic theory and musical variety, the Carcassi Method can’t be beat for developing solid technique. The student who has a basic knowledge of guitar theory and hand positions will best be served by this pedagogy. This method, by far, offers the best and most methodical approach to establishing a strong foundation in classical guitar. The student will learn the various keys that guitar music is written in as well as their scales, chord progressions, arpeggio applications and exercises, along with beautiful and increasingly challenging musical selections. This book is a MUST for the serious classical guitar student!
This book is almost 40 years old, but it is still one of the best guitar methods around. An excellent resource for any guitarist who is serious about improving technique. It includes progressive studies to enhance both left and right hand technique and numerous solo pieces at various levels of difficulty.
This book is the boot camp of classical guitar studies. Only serious students and aspiring nylon knights need apply for this school in a book!!! Reading and understanding musical notation and vocabulary are a must(this book contains no tabulature) for aspiring classical guitarist, and this book certainly leaves nothing out in that aspect. It starts the student of with the basics, but progresses quickly. The studies are actually interesting, challenging and fun to play all the way through. No “Mary had a Little Lamb” or “Three merry Men” songs here to practice your skills on.

Format: PDF, 128 pages

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