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Brian Emmel - The Art of Slap Bass

Brian Emmel - The Art of Slap BassDevelop your own bass grooves and chops over various slap-related styles of music. Matching CD features recordings of all examples. First off, from the title, you'd expect that there'd be something in the book about playing slap bass, right? Maybe how to play it more "artfully?" Nope, no such luck.

This book is about modes, and if you don't know what modes are, don't feel too bad. There's a page on the Circle of Fifths (more music theory stuff), and an explanation of what modes are, and the rest of the 32-page book is comprised of a notated/tabbed groove on the right-hand page and a description of what modes were used on the left-hand page. And though the grooves are cool, they are most definitely not easy. Emmel says that his book is for the advanced beginner to intermediate player. It's more like advanced intermediate to semi-pro.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

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