Brett Garsed – Rock Fusion

Oct 17 2017

Brett Garsed – Rock Fusion

Brett Garsed Rock Fusion download. Rock Fusion explores rock improvisation using scales, phrasing and concepts more familiar to jazz, but used in a rock context. Brett’s unique playing style blends left-hand legato (hammer-on’s and pull-off’s) with right-hand picking (using the pick and fingers) to create seamless melodic lines and technically chellenging solos. Brett includes special right and left-hand exercises which include four-note-per-string scales, chromatic ideas and wide-interval skips, all designed to stretch your imagination and re-define rock improvisation.
This 75 minute video also features some great live performance segments and includes a booklet showing examples in both standard music and tablature.
Australian born guitarist Brett Garsed became well known for his imaginative and creative style and also for his work with Aussie mega-star John Farnham. After moving to America to record and perform with Nelson, Brett released two albums with fellow guitarist T.J. Helmerich entitled “Quid Pro Quo” and “Exempt”. In addition to teaching at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, Brett also tours and conducts guitar clinics worldwide.


Language: English
Year: 1994
Country: USA
Running time: 75 min
Quality: VHSRip
Video: MPG4 384×288 20.00fps 408Kbps
Audio: MP3 22050Hz mono 31Kbps
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 240 Mb

Brett Garsed - Rock Fusion

Brett Garsed – Rock Fusion

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