Bob Stoloff – Blues Scatitudes

May 20 2022

Bob Stoloff – Blues Scatitudes

Bob Stoloff Blues Scatitudes PDF. Blues Scatitudes is an exploration of rhythmic and melodic vocal improvisation skills using the 12-bar blues form as a harmonic vehicle for pentatonic and blues scale-based patterns. All exercises and etudes are designed to improve scat syllable articulation, phraseology and solo development in the context of various contemporary musical idioms including jazz, R&B, pop, funk, Reggae and Latin.
There are 51 fully orchestrated sing-along tracks that exemplify both even and swing styles. Each Scatitude has a male and female lead vocal version, two stylistic interpretations and one variation with instrumental lead to practice inventing your own syllables. The final version of each Scatitude has no melody or improvisation so that you may practice creating your own solos over the entire harmonic form. An extra bonus is the inclusion of time considerations all musicians should know about including half-time, double-time, stop-time, 2-beat, walking and shuffle feels.
Bob Stoloff has done it again, he’s written a great book, this time with a wonderful mp3 Cd included, which has many different blues etudes for voice. The singers on the CD sound great, the exercises are fun and challenging and the product makes both teaching and learning blues a pleasure.
This book focuses on blues but, interestingly, with a wonderful variation of grooves. The etudes are accessible and presented by both male and female vocalists. A fully live accompaniment would have been nice, and it’s unfortunate that the female singer disregards the notated syllables. Both singers, however, are excellent with respect to feel and pitch-accuracy. Highly recommended!
Each song begins with a vocalist singing a scat melody, then the vocal track is removed but the melody is played instrumentally, and then finally the basic musical track is played without a reference scat melody so that the learner can improvise his or her own.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 77 pages

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