Bob Moses – Drum Wisdom

Jun 28 2020

Bob Moses – Drum Wisdom

Bob Moses – Drum Wisdom PDF. Book which is inexplicably out of print, is one of the absolute best drum instructional books ever written. With more words written in English than music notation the book can be a bit inscrutable at first. When taken slowly and with the proper focus, though, the book provides a doorway into truly opening the keys to the drum set as a musical instrument that is more than the sum of its parts.
Ostensibly a jazz drum book, this book actually surpasses style and gets to the very heart of what a drummer needs to know to become a thinking and feeling musician. I love sharing this book with students, even if finding copies is nigh on impossible.


  • Internal hearing
  • Groove canon
  • The 8/8 concept
  • The eight points
  • Combining points
  • Movable two
  • Playing off of the 8/8 flow
  • The non-independent method
  • Ying/Yang triplets
  • Organic Drumming
  • Movement and dancing
  • Singing

Format: PDF, 45 pages

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  1. Gardy /

    read the FAQ

  2. stuff /

    It kept downloading as a .rar file and only openable in VLC – but doesn’t open.. does anyone have any suggestions? am on a Mac.

  3. wackmyk /

    Looks so cool. May thanks!

  4. sam curo /

    thank you so very much!!!!

  5. patsman1 /

    thanks, a great book

  6. Lucas /

    I really appreciate this. Thank you for making the download free!

  7. Lucas /

    Heard about this from a respected drummer

  8. Lucas Tomlinson /

    Thank you for this. Excited to see what moses has for me.

  9. Lucas Tomlinson /

    I am singer/songwriting in good of some rhythmic training. Excited to see what Moses has for me and my group.

  10. mark danley /

    bruce lee’s jeet kun do method of fighting incorporating dif
    ferent styles of fighting makes for an interesting parallel to drumming.

  11. mark danley /

    wow! great to see this gem is available.I can’t wait to read it!!

  12. paalmaaskab /

    Admin!!!this is a great book, I have a better pdf copy if you are interested…
    As always, thanks for the site!!!

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