Best of Marcus Miller (Bass Recorded Versions)

Sep 04 2020

Best of Marcus Miller (Bass Recorded Versions)

Best of Marcus Miller PDF. Bass Recorded Versions – 23 transcriptions from Grammy-winning bassist and session player extraordinare Marcus Miller. This title gives you exactly what you expect – good transcriptions of the most popular Marcus Miller tunes. Great book – worth getting if you plan to work on your Slap Bass Chops. This book has highlighted some of the funky, funky lines of the greatest bass player on the planet.
The book showcases a great cross section of his career, notably his work with Miles and Sanborn and moves through all of his solo recordings. In short a fantastic book for any bass player wanting to move to the next level and really improve their chops, technique and style. The sheet music and tabs are accurate. Solid transcriptions with notes, tab and chord symbols.

Songs include:

  • Big Time
  • Blast
  • Boomerang
  • Bruce Lee
  • Could It Be You
  • Ethiopia
  • Forevermore
  • Funny
  • La Villette
  • Lonie’s Lament
  • Maputo
  • Mountain Dance
  • Nikki’s Groove
  • Panther
  • Power
  • Rampage
  • Rio Funk
  • Run For Cover
  • Scoop
  • Strum
  • 3 Deuces
  • Tutu
  • What Is Hip

Format: PDF, 255 pages

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