Ben Bolt – Sor in Tablature

Mar 10 2022

Ben Bolt – Sor in Tablature

Ben Bolt Sor in Tablature PDF. This text includes fifty-eight pieces of music as well as recorded audio of the entire book. Ben Bolt believes these pieces are the best of the best for developing technique, musicianship, and exposing the guitarist to the ingenious musical world of Fernando Sor. Regardless of your current level of expertise, this music will be a joy to learn and listen to. Titles include: Napoleon’s Theme; E Minor at Midnight; Rhapsody in D; March of the Wooden Soldier; and Easter Hymn are sure to please any audience. Ben Bolt’s digital recordings of his arrangements are superb. His warm tone and singing vibrato bring Sor’s music to life. All interpretations are classically correct. He plays on his Fleta and Sons concert guitar made in Barcelona, Spain (1976). Fernando Sor was born in Barcelona, Spain (1778).


  • A Minor March (Andante)
  • Allegretto
  • Allegretto in C
  • Allegro in D
  • Allegro Moderato
  • Andantino in A
  • Basso Profundo
  • Best of Show
  • Changing Tides
  • Chord March
  • D Minor Double-stop (Moderato)
  • Diez (a Study in Tenths)
  • Double Trouble
  • E Minor at Midnight
  • E Minor Etude (Allegro Moderato)
  • Easter Hymn
  • Easy Study in 3/8
  • Easy Study in C
  • El Maestro
  • Elegant Desire
  • Estudio in Two (Andante)
  • Etude in Six Eight
  • Etude in Three Eight
  • Forward Roll Arpeggio Study (Andante)
  • Funeral March
  • Harmony in G
  • Hermosa
  • Imitations
  • Jig in G
  • Lament of the Giant
  • Lesson in A (Andante)
  • Lesson in A Minor (Andante)
  • Lesson in B Minor (Andante)
  • Lesson in C (Andante)
  • Lesson in Cut Time (Andante)
  • Lesson in D (Allegro Moderato)
  • Lesson in E (Allegretto)
  • Lesson in E Minor (Movido)
  • Lesson in F (Moderato)
  • Lesson in G (Moderato)
  • Lesson in Serenade
  • Lullaby in Two Four
  • March of the Wooden Soldier
  • Melody on an E String
  • Moderato
  • Napoleon’s Theme
  • Rhapsody in D
  • Romance
  • Simpatico en Sol
  • Singing Violins
  • Song in D Major
  • Song in D Minor
  • The Happy Woodpecker
  • The Precocious Pupil
  • Three’s a Charm (a Study in Thirds)
  • Valse
  • Victory Dance
  • Waltz of the Robins
  • When Guardsmen Sleep


Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 145 pages


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