Bass Course – The Rock House Method

Feb 17 2021

Bass Course – The Rock House Method

Bass Course The Rock House Method PDF. Learn the essential techniques needed to play all genres of music. Start with how to hold the bass and proper hand position for comfortable playing. Next learn rhythm timing basic bass lines and how to play along with a drummer. Learn 5ths and octaves and how to apply them in a song. Playing techniques such as slap pop and using a pick are covered in depth. Walking bass lines sixteenth notes syncopated bass lines intervals and drop D tuning are just a few of the topics that will help you play song progressions and bass lines. From theory to complete songs this program has it all! This program comes with 191 professionally recorded backing tracks on a MP3 CD for you to play along with. Play them in your home car or load them onto your personal MP3 player.

Lessons include:

  • Blues Progression
  • Eighth Notes
  • Applying 5ths
  • Bass Power Chords
  • Staccato Groove
  • Basic Slap & Pop Technique
  • Heavy Bass Progression
  • The Finger Drag
  • Hammer Ons & Pull Offs in a Bass line
  • Complete Bass Progression
  • Bass Triads
  • And More!

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 98 pages

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