Andy James Metal Rhythm Guitar In 6 Weeks

Aug 18 2022

Andy James Metal Rhythm Guitar In 6 Weeks

Welcome to the Metal Rhythm Guitar in 6 Weeks guitar course. This course is designed to focus your practice towards realistic goals achievable in six weeks. Each week provides you with techniques, concepts and licks to help you play and understand metal rhythm playing at a manageable pace. Different rhythm patterns are taught each week to help you towards playing in real musical situations and develop an ear for the differences between players. If you have been frustrated or intimidated by other educational material this course is for you. You will see the improvement as you work through each week.
Practice can sometimes be difficult with ‘the player’ often being unsure which material to work on. With the Metal Rhythm Guitar in 6 Weeks course the material is presented to you in easy to absorb sections which progress in a sensible logical order.
Week one includes: Standard Tuning: drop picking and palm muting, triplets and left hand muting, alternate picking, chord variations, practice routines, getting a metal tone, four metal jam tracks.
Week two includes: Drop D Tuning: Pedal tone riffs, chord progressions and phrasing, alternate picking, palm muting, the phrygian dominant scale, technique performances, three metal jam tracks.
Week three includes: Drop C# Tuning: Arpeggiated riffs, odd rhythms over a 4/4 beat, alternate picking, palm muting, technique performances, two metal jam tracks.
Week four includes: E flat Tuning: Complete song breakdown with technique lessons focusing on triplets, pedal tones, down picking and palm muting, metal guitar jam track.
Week five includes: Drop C# Tuning: Complete song breakdown with technique including arpeggiated riffs, triplets, pedal tones, down picking, plus a metal guitar jam track.
Week six includes: Drop C Tuning: Complete song breakdown using alternate picking, palm muting, odd rhythms, phrygian dominant scale, plus a metal guitar jam track.
Stick with this course and I guarantee you will improve.


Language: English
Year: 2010
Running time: 4 hours
Quality: DVD5
Video: XviD, 688×368 (1.87:1), 25 fps, 751 kbps
Audio: MP3, 48 kHz, Joint Stereo, 128.00 kbps
Booklet: No
Size: 1.52 Gb

Andy James Metal Rhythm Guitar In 6 Weeks


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  1. heidih0 /

    yeah LL is the shittest series out there by far.

    guitar players learn easier with tabs

    LL: nah

  2. kulby /

    Are you kidding? LL does not provide ebooks for their lessons. Lol

  3. Eram /

    Where can i find the books?

  4. Eram /

    While downloading it gets stuck!

  5. Hersonlied /

    thanks alot

  6. Gardy /

    I agree, awesome dvd set.

  7. Aminschuldiner /

    My friends
    This is the best

    Dont worry about booklet

    This DVD is like the booklet!

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